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March 2002 - US TOUR

Saturday 30 March

Woke up at Julie’s and headed for Tempe Arizona. The gig was a rushed affair only arranged yesterday. Drove what seemed like ages to get to Pheonix (the traffic getting out of LA was hell – 3hrs – Easter weekend I guess?). When we got to the club, we had missed our slot to play – bummer.

Met up with Evy (friend from LA) and Debbie, a local Scooters fan, but were too tired to stay for a drink.

Tempe seemed wild. It looked like Magaluf with the main drag exploding with Bars and Clubs, Boy racers reving their engines on the Strip. Bikers in their droves gathered on corners all admiring each others machines as is a biker’s want. The noises were a mixture of distant Rock ‘n Roll bands and in the street, people partying like it was the last Saturday night before the world ended. Way too lively for all of us.

Went back to the hotel and got some kip. We’ve got the biggest drive tomorrow from Pheonix Ariz to Memphis Tennessee. A Huge drive, prob about 1500 miles. Excited about going through the desert though. Chris is on the constant search for Peyote. So his luck might be in tomorrow!


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