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lyric - Man against Machine
March 2002 - US TOUR

Thursday 28 March

Woke up in LA where it was boiling hot. Memories of last summer, when we recorded the album, came flooding back. We didn’t have much time to do anything as we had to be in San Diego by 7. We took the advice of our good friend and possesor of the Ludwig drumkit (which has helped us on numerous occasions) Adrian Anthony, and hit the road at Chinese Dentist Time 2.30! The gig was at San Diego’s premiere venue – The Casbah.

The onstage sound in check was the best I’d ever experienced. After sound check, myself and Anthony went back to the van for some kip. Just as we were nodding off, I heard a tap at the window. It was our mate and ex-keyboard player from a previous band Nathan Thomas who was in San Diego visiting his girl Kellie. Shocked and suprised we headed back to the venue to catch up with him. Bands on the bill were all amazing esp. the second band called Big Bang – a power trio from Oslo. Gig went well but the drive back was a nightmare.

If you’re ever in San D. check out Los Rancheros, they do a mean Carne Asada Burrito!


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