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March 2002 - US TOUR

Wednesday 27 March

After dropping Hoppy at San Fran airport (he'd finished his leg of the tour), 5 remaining Scooters head off to LA which is where all this sort of started if you get my drift.

Stopped at John’s to have quick wash, then to Spaceland for a souncheck. Spaceland is in Silverlake, a district on the East side of LA. It is sort of known as an Indie/Arty sort of area so the club attracts that sort of crowd. As always when we are in LA we have a great time because we have so many friends there.

Did a bit of catching up with everyone before the show. Although it’s a great night, we always feel bad that we don’t have enough time to talk to everybody who came out to see us. The set was great, we played really well. I think people were enjoying the new songs as well as some of the old favourites. Halfway through the set Humberto Flores (old friend) burst through the club doors, beer in hand and started dancing like a madman, which scares the shit out of everyone in the audience, but makes all 5 Scooters piss themselves laughing - resulting in a dodgy middle 8 in 5 o’clock Angel. After the show, we talk some more until the owner throws us out because he wants to lock up.

So we all go Benitos for Mexican food in LA. Eric is with us so we drop him off to his mansion in the hills, Hollywood and then head back to Julie’s at 4am.


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