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lyric - Man against Machine
March 2002 - US TOUR

Tuesday 26 March

Where do art teachers spend there last few years when they still have some use to society, or go when they are fed up with teaching art? Answer - San Francisco baby!

Not that I have a problem with it, but the vast percentage of San Franciscans we stumbled across resembled dear old Pam Evans of St David’s College fame. Anyway, enough of these observational ramblings.

Soundcheck was at 6 so we had a few hours to check out the former capital of hippie and now home to the Rainbow tribe! First stop – The Golden Gate Bridge. Suprisingly, we didn’t see it the last time we were here. We took some cool ‘stills’, shot some video footage and then drove over it, to a beautiful vantage point looking over the Bay, City and Alcatraz nick!

With flowers in our hair and gerbils in tow, we took a look around Haight Ashbury where most of the Timothy Leary shit happened back in 67’. George Harrison likened it to a drop out commune full of spotty teenagers who needed to grow up when he visited. No trip to San Fran would be complete without a trip to Mr and Mrs Jones (see previous entry).

Gig was cool but somebody drank Tim’s beer rider. At least he got one! Have to stop writing now, Chris has just disappeared with a hamster and I’m getting worried!


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