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March 2002 - US TOUR

Wednesday 13th March

First day off! - "There’s no place like Kansas!"

Dorothy was right. Mind you, we did have the Scarecrow on drums and the Tin Man on keys! We found a real cool Deli the following morning and ordered some Scooby Snack, triple-decker sandwiches before setting off down the Yellow Brick Road from Kansas to Oklahoma. This was our first day off since the start of the tour and so we just took everything as easy as possible.

Checked into the hotel around 6, it was the best yet. Tim became Widow Twanky for about 3 hours and did everybody’s washing whilst Chris became Rusty Lee and made a big chilli – YUM! The most uneventful day so far.

Rounded off the evening watching a documentary on Wil Smith (?) and a cheesy film about some kids from Detroit who try everything to get to a Kiss gig. Too much make-up for me! Tim’s feeling a bit rough and Simon snored all night! We are now in the van and 2 hours from Dallas. Bring on the Texans! Let’s go find some oil J.R!

(who uses Fender Basses!)

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