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March 2002 - US TOUR

Tuesday 12th March


Woke up in Chicago and then left for Kansas. Stopped at Denny’s for breakfast. Chris was so excited about his ‘Dagwood’ that he nearly wet his pants. Hit the rode for a solid, back-breaking, 8 hour drive. I’m beginning to think that Eric is a robot, as he never stops at the wheel.

Beautiful sunset as we drove across the outskirts of Kansas City. Get to hotel, shower, change and then head to the club. Soundman doesn’t show up so barman does the sound. Not a bad show in all. Supported a band called ‘34 Satellite’ who share the same agent (Kevin) as us. Stayed at the ‘Pub’ to watch the show and have a good time. Barmaid kept giving us free beer so we kept drinking. We all hang out with ‘34 Sat’ after the show. Great guys indeed.

Long drive ahead of us. Food supplies are short, so we may have to eat Bob tomorrow! Kansas seems very nice but yet again, we’re only there for a split second, so only get to see about 8 streets in total! Bob has been renamed Dougie Nails the Docker – due to never taking off his hat. Finally got to sleep at 3.45 after shooting some video of Jethro and Lou-Anne back in the hotel (see documentary video!!!). Goodnight one and all. Looking forward to to a day off tomorrow in Oooooooooooooooklahoma! Hope I get to meet Howard Keel, or is he dead?


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