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March 2002 - US TOUR

Thursday 14th March


Great hotel, outdoor pool was closed though. Beautiful day. Eric went to service the truck with Bob and Simon. The rest of us slept. Got to ‘Club Clearview’ at 6pm. Nice place – 10 bars, big stage. Met the ‘Mink Lungs’ who played after us. Great guys who played a great set – gotta check out frosty hoops – definitely performance art rock! We also played a good gig, quite a big crowd.

Apparently, most of the bands that play in SXSW go through Dallas first, as a warm up gig. Nice town at night. Lots of money in this place!

The last band had some Brian Jones / Charlatans thing going on with Twiggy on keyboards. Went back to the hotel and crashed around 2am.


Club Clearview contd.

After our sound-check in Dallas, all the boys went for food except for Tony and me. We loitered at the bar watching the punters gradually strole in. The dress sense of some of these people was pretty wacky. Tony and I looked at each other in disbelief and thought that our music would go down a sack of shit – not alternative enough! Quite the contrary however! Although the audience were a bit subdued during our performance, a lot of people congratulated us when we came off stage, saying that "we were the best thing they’d seen in a long time". This seems to be happening quite regularly. Although people seem reserved, they’re actually paying very close attention to our performances.

Infact, one of the people Tony and I had spotted at the bar earlier (Jeremy) turned out to really love our music. So, apologees for making such a sweeping statement about first impressions earlier!


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