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lyric - Man against Machine
March 2002 - US TOUR

Tuesday 2 April

Morning glory in Memphis, and it looks like an apache indian reservation in our room! After the holy communion of Macdonalds, we took the pilgrimage to the Kings house! The King of rock n roll, inspiration to the Beatles, icon throughout the whole world. Elvis the pelvis, movie star, hero………God!

$2 to park.

F**k that!!!!! Never liked him much anyway!

Saw his two airplanes parked in the drive though, supposedly one for him and one for his burgers!

Got to Atlanta, a sight for sore eyes after the downtrodden spectacles in Memphis and spirits pick up immediately. Bob starts to insult people again, Tim smiles and I believe Ant actually comments on the previous night’s sunset. I knew that Simon’s ‘Hugh Grant’ chip inside his head would be on overload right now!

Found the club "Smiths’’, got fed and set up. Cool place - civilization at last. We went on after an amateur comedy night!

We played really well for the people who stayed, who were all very enthusiastic. Hot night, sweaty pits, water ballooned from every angle! Atlanta rocks in my book!


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