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lyric - Man against Machine
March 2002 - US TOUR

Wednesday 3 April

Awoke refreshed and then basked in the Atlanta sunshine sipping fresh coffee. Headed out towards Raleigh and the weather took a sudden turn for the worst as we enter North Carolina, home of James Taylor. Forked lightening and horrendous thunder storms battered the Scooter mobile. At least it washed off the insect road kill that we had collected across America!

Arrived at the venue ‘Kings Barcade’ in plenty of time for soundcheck. We drove around looking for food and ended up at a fast food joint called Snoopy’s where we were serenaded by a passer-by called Clarence, who did a mean Luther Vandross impression on the sidewalk for us. A Limo was parked on the street behind us and the guys serving the food thought it was ours, believing us to be famous. A perfect opportunity for a comedy camcorder moment with the limousine pulling away only to reveal five scooters sat on bicycles!

Back at the venue, we hook up with Gregg and Steve from Red Eye Distribution (See Austin Show) as their HQ is in the area. Great guys – really passionate about the music.

The show goes well. We then packed up quickly and head off for the long overnight journey to the Big Apple.


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