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art - face
lyric - Man against Machine
March 2002 - US TOUR

Monday 1 April

Out of the night they drove, like General Lee’s Army. Battle cry Memphis! Give it to ‘em boys. Give it some wellie. Show ‘em how it’s done.

"Rest first, let’s recharge the batteries." Yelled the drummer.

"Yes it has been 23 hrs" agreed the bassist.

"You’re right added the guitarist and singer, mutually nodding their heads.

"Not I" screamed the keyboard player. "I am a Trojan, I can go on forever!…."


So it’s six hours later. The Scooters are 4 parts rested 1 part tested!

Off to the venue – The Map Room on Main

"Who are you?

"The Scooters!"

"Sorry I’ve never heard of you. My name is Chis. I’m the barman. Chris the manager may have booked you. But then it may have been Chris the promoter! Then again it could have been Chris our Agent. Tell you what, give it ‘til eleven, if Chris hasn’t shown up by then, either do the gig or go home. Sorry boys didn’t know you were coming."

Needless to say, nobody called Chris turned up. The band didn’t play. Oh what could have been! The dingiest, dankiest cellars sometimes make the best venues and we’ll never know.

Battle cry Memphis! Long live the Trojan!


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