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March 2002 - US TOUR

Sunday 24 March

Amiable Portland was the most pleasant City the tour has stopped at to date (in my opinion). Located 78 miles from the Pacific on the Willomette River in Central Oregon. The city flourished in the 18th Century as a busy port. It is now home to the Trial Blazers NBA Franchise and the home of sport-ware manufacturers NIKE!

Our stop coincided with the serious need to visit the launderette, a task we all undertook with the enthusiasm of an asthmatic ant carrying ten bags of heavy shopping!

Being Sunday, Chris cooked a beautiful bacon and egg roast dinner and Tim offered mass, said the rosary and heard everybody’s confession in time for the start of the Oscar Ceremony.

The primary reason for our visit to this beautiful neck of the proverbial woods…. the gig, which was I believe, the best to date. The venue – The Blackbird – was cool and the sound just right. We had two articles in the local rags. One complimentary, the other not so. Ah well, today’s news, tomorrows chip papers!

Next stop – San Francisco baby!

Bob (who happens to use Fender Basses!)


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