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March 2002 - US TOUR

Friday 8th March

Off to Buffalo

Early start once again. Everybody complained about my snoring the night before. As a result I looked as if I’d been in 9 rounds with Tyson from all the punches and kicks during the night. Said a tearful farewell to John who was flying back to LA this evening.

After filling up with gas, we (Eric and the band) headed over the Manhatten Bridge, then traveled up into New Jersey once again. Stopped off at Jefferson for breakfast. Got talking to the owner Luke, who wanted one of our CDs.

Long drive to Buffalo. Stopped at 4pm so Tony could conduct a phone interview with WBNY, college radio in Buffalo. But we were out of frequency range so we couldn’t tune in to listen. Then Eric did a crazy u-turn in front of the police station! Arrived in Buffalo at 5 and then checked into the Holiday Inn.

Headed to the venue, Mowhawk Place and received a free beer from Pete the owner. Bit of a Royal Oak atmosphere. Cool Blues band were in full swing when we arrived. Eric got chatted up by some local trailer trash chicks. Took to the stage at midnight which was very small. Did El Goodo as an encore, totally acoustic and in the middle of the crowd. I headed back to the hotel feeling exhausted. The others stayed for the last band and then packed up.


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