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March 2002 - US TOUR

Tuesday 9 April

Off to New York again - the pot of gold at the end of a very long rainbow.

I have to say, and I think I speak for everybody here, that NY has to be the greatest place on Earth, and I live in Splott! Very few places will fill you with the same excitement and energy again and again, every time you ride into town.

So, the usual routine starts again. Check into hotel, go to the gig (today being the Luna Lounge on Ludlow Street), soundcheck and then eat pizza!

We stand on stage ready to play and the room looks pretty empty. Then suddenly, as if by magic, as the first soulful strum of ‘This Is How It Ends’ fills the room, an audience appears! A few familiar faces and a few new ones, but all listening to the final onslaught of Scooter Power Pop!

So, this 'IS' how it ends. The end of the line and we’re going out in style. As the words "Thank you for listening, this is the last song of the tour", leave my lips, I think we all felt an unexpected lump in our throats. It has been an epic and emotional journey.

We hung out at the bar until 2am drinking, talking, reminiscing on the past 5 weeks. Then with one resounding cry of ‘We will be back", we leave!


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