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lyric - Man against Machine
March 2002 - US TOUR

Monday 8 April

Was I in a car crash last night? Why do I feel as if my head is stuck up an elephant’s ass? Oh yeah, booze and lots of it!

"So who’s driving to Washington?"

"I will", says Tim.

"Thank F**k for that!"

Got to DC at 6pm. Very clean! Did the tourist thing out of the van window again. The White House, the Lincoln Memorial, FBI Headquarters and that huge erection on Forest Gump, or was that Tom Hank’s other movie, Shaving Ryan’s Privates!

Played at the Metro Café, a great sounding room. Our friend Dave turned up with a friend of his Lauren. We met him at the Great Barrington show. A true music lover and all around great guy!

After another great Scooters’ set, we headed to a French restaurant in the posh area of DC. (No, we didn’t steal anything or do a runner without paying). Then back to the hotel for a deserved rest.


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