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March 2002 - US TOUR

Friday 22 March

Stepped out the following day into a blaze of sunshine reflected from the heavy snowfilled landscape . Headed off across the Rockies once again. Beautiful scenery –"You’re in God’s Country now boy!" Stopped off for breakfast and numerous photo opps.

The scenery changed once again as we entered Washington State. The view out of the van window changed from the snow peaked mountains to flat, arrid wasteland and lakes – a bit like Porthcawl in South Wales!

Just got stopped by a Traffic Cop for speeding. He kindly let us off as he couldn’t understand Steve’s Driving License (in Welsh). Our nervous laughter was cut short by his officious manner! We drove away sheepishly, grateful for the good fortune that had come our way. Luck of the Irish/Welsh I suppose!

See you in Seattle!


We’ve lagged behind with diary because we’ve been so busy with assorted Rock ‘n Roll cliches that we’d completely forgotten to keep it updated!

But seriously, from what I can remember, we played Seattle March 22nd in the year of our Lord 2002. Met some cool people as always. Drank some beer, rocked the house and left. Didn’t meet Dr Frasier Krane (one of my all time heroes), Meg Ryan or Tom Hanks. Saw the Space Needle (groovey!). Didn’t see any grunge. Apparently they cured that a long time ago (so we were told)! And I found out that Seattle was named after some Red Indian guy who was a really hard bastard. So, onto Eugene.


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