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March 2002 - US TOUR

Sunday 10th March

More Lansing Show and journey to Newport, Kentucky

The snow was still falling as we played last night. So cold! We were supported by a band called Ihop. They concluded their set with a song called – "Marsha’s got boobs." It went…

Marsha’s got boobs.
I’m so confused.
I’m just getting pubes.
Marsha’s got Boobs, but I’m quietly amused!

Inspired writing. Drove through some more snow in Michigan but weather cleared up in Indianna. Next stop is Cincinnati, which I can only associate with the Bengals. Apparently, Charles Dickens, Churchill and Longfellow were fans of the city. But Mark Twain said he hoped that he was in Cincinnati when the world ended because it was always 20 years behind everyone else. By-pass Huntsville and Roxboro to get there. Chris phoned Nicky Dakota at local station WNKU, to get her to come to the show tonight.


The Newport Show

Well slap me sideways with a Moulinex Multi Chef and call me Derek! What a night. After driving over the bridge from Cincinnati to Newport Kentucky, then driving around like the ‘Stevie Wonder/Ray Charles Rally Team looking for a pit-stop’, we found Southgate House. A huge sort of Town Hall - Whiskey House - gambling place. Amazing! The man who invented the Tommy Gun was born here and the Juke Box is haunted.

The live venue itself was huge with a balcony around it and a nice stage. Went up to the front bar and videoed Gary, a classic rock DJ who gave us a short history of the place. We then met Andrew from Merthyr whose now working in the University and Carla from Milwaukee, who studied in Swansea.

We played a stormer. Not many there but those in attendence loved it. Met Mr Spoons who played ……the spoons ("Were you picked on in school ?"). Got him on camera later on. Classic comedy. You just can’t write stuff like this. The last band were doing some sort of weird Vietnam Poetry Rock, so we went upstairs and proceeded to get drunk on cheap beer. We played an acoustic set after another band finished in the bar (Alex and Travis – nice guys). We did ‘El Goodo’ and ‘Throw Your Arms’ and the place erupted. We were Kings for the night. Simon met a lovely ex-model / aspiring actress who shaves cats and makes baskets for a living!

Left about 2.30 am. Top night!


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